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July 22, 2021

The best walks at Longniddry Bents that finish with Alandas fish & chips

Nothing quite beats that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished a long walk, but what better way to reward yourself than with Alandas fish and chips.

Alandas at Longniddry Bents serves an array of fresh, Scottish seafood alongside the traditional fish and chips to make your experience like no other. With an innovative menu and one of the best sunset spots in Edinburgh, you’d be crazy not to tuck into your fish and chips here.

Longniddry Bents offers plenty of scenic routes for heart-pumping Scottish walks, all of which can lead you back to Alandas. Choose to start or end your walk with Alandas – either fuel up and burn off the calories, or re-energise afterwards. Don’t forget about our gelato either, perfect for a refreshing sugar kick to get you through the trails. Here’s some routes you can take:

Starting off in Canty Woods

A great combination of woodland, open fields and the Longniddry coastline, this route will take you approximately 90 minutes, depending on how quickly you want to get your Alandas fish and chips. Do a full loop with this walk and start by parking your car along the south of Dean’s Road in Longniddry, free of charge, and head down to Canty Woods where you will find a wall opening on the roadside. 

The woods offer a tranquil walk with nature, follow the trail until you reach an open field where you will walk parallel to the woods. Continue to walk along the field and you’ll notice Seton Sands caravan park on one side, and a golf course on the other. At this point, turn right onto Links Road and follow it east along the coastline of Longniddry beach until you spot Alandas perched on the seafront. 

Longniddry Beach 

Nothing screams seaside like a walk on the beach that finishes with Alandas fish and chips. A great walk to do along one of Scotland’s best beaches, Longniddry beach gives you the freedom to explore as far as you wish to. 

A Scottish walk like no other, the 4 mile-long beach covers both Seton Sands and Gosford Sands, but bear in mind that you will have to turn back on yourself to get back to Alandas if you want to continue along the beach. Otherwise, looping up and walking roadside is the alternative option. You can either take your Alandas seafood to the beach with you, walk along the beach with our award-winning gelato, or sit by our stall overlooking the view of Edinburgh whilst you recuperate. 

Longniddry Railway Walk 

An appealing pathway for a peaceful walk, Longniddry railway walk offers walking distances from 2.5k to 5k depending on how far you wish to walk and how hungry you are for Alandas fish and chips. 

Begin your next Scottish walk at Longniddry train station and head north towards the railway line. There is a chance you can encounter some wildlife including wild rabbits, squirrels and deer, so keep a lookout. Being as this trail is off the beaten track, it’s a great place to bring the dog as it’s less frequently visited.

Follow the railway line down as far as you wish to walk and head back to the train station. In terms of getting you to Alandas for an indulgent sunset meal like no other, we’re just a 20 minute walk from the train station so you’ll be with us in no time at all. 

North Berwick Law 

This ones for adventure seekers and hiking fanatics. With a long, cultural walk around North Berwick Law, this route loops a full 10 miles back to Longniddry Bents. Grab a scoop of luscious gelato before you venture out, and then return for a well-deserved feast of seaside fish and chips.

The North Berwick Law route will take you on a 2k loop around Berwick Law, the old volcanic plug. The trail takes you along a mix of paths and rocky climbs where you can explore the culture, encounter wildlife and do a spot of bird watching. Take in the extensive panoramic views from the top that covers Bass Rock, Edinburgh and the East Lothian coastline.  

Bursting at the seams with culture and history, North Berwick Law offers the perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty worth working up an appetite for. Don’t worry, the fish cooked to golden perfection will await your arrival.

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