5 Dishes You Didn’t Know We Served

Fish and chips is at the heart of what we do here at Alandas, but it’s not all we do. In fact, we’ve recently launched a whole host of mouthwateringly good dishes that will get you salivating. From wood-fired pizzas to gelato from our award-winning ice-cream parlour, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So whatever your plans are this summer, make sure you sample one of these 5 delicious dishes you didn’t know we served.


Wood-fired pizza

We’re launching our brand new, artisan wood-fired pizzas, in a range of delicious flavours. Choose from our usual favourites, such as our Mexican Fiesta or Vegetarian,  or choose your own toppings from our selection of over 27, which includes chorizo and feta cheese. Yum!



If you’re craving a kebab, be sure to head over to our Prestonpans shop for either a donner, lamb shish or chicken shish kebab. Alternatively, why not try out our donner wrap or donner calzone – the ultimate weekend treat.


Flame-grilled burgers

In the mood for a juicy burger? Give our Aberdeen Angus, flame-grilled burgers a try. Cooked fresh to order, they’re served on a fresh roll and topped with a mixed leaf salad, cherry tomatoes, pickles and onions. Plus, you can also get things kicking with a slice of cheddar cheese and bacon – mouthwatering.  



On top of our tasty savoury dishes, we also serve up an array of mouthwatering desserts. Take your pick from our delicious, handmade gelato (from our award-winning parlour in Berwick) or maybe even try our Nutella and marshmallow pizza, which is extremely indulgent but so worth it.


Sharing’s caring!

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, or enjoying a family meal, make sure you give our Sharing Box a try. In the box you’ll get either a 10 or 14 inch mozzarella pizza, 1 chicken pakora, 1 veg pakora, donner meat, chips and salad – not forgetting the salad and chilli sauce. Phew!


Is that your tummy we hear grumbling? We don’t blame you. To help put your appetite at ease, make sure you pay a visit to Alandas Prestopans shop, where you’ll be able to sample this brand new menu for yourself.